Hood River Hotel: A Historic Wedding Venue in Oregon | MR.ELIVE PRODUCTIONS

Hood River Hotel

At MR.ELIVE PRODUCTIONS, we understand the importance of finding the perfect venue for your special day. One venue that we highly recommend is the Hood River Hotel, located in the charming town of Hood River, Oregon. This historic landmark, established in 1911, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and holds a place of significance in the heritage community. The hotel’s thoughtful design marries contemporary and historical elements, creating a unique and memorable setting for your wedding.

One of the standout features of the Hood River Hotel is its all-inclusive Emerald Wedding Package. This package includes use of the hotel’s 2,500 square foot Emerald Room for your ceremony and reception, a two-day use of the space and access to the hotel’s 10-bed Bunkhouse on the night of your wedding, a two-night stay in one of the hotel’s Bridal Suites, and set up of the hotel’s furniture and linens. Additionally, the package includes a room block for up to 30 rooms for your guests, parking for the couple, and private access to the hotel’s dry sauna.

Another unique feature of the Hood River Hotel is its after-party options. The hotel offers extended event hours until 1:00am for your event in the Emerald Room, allowing you to continue your celebration well into the night. This is a rare option among wedding venues in the area, making the Hood River Hotel a great choice for couples who want to make the most of their special day.

While the Hood River Hotel does provide in-house catering and bar services, couples also have the option to work with outside vendors and event planning services. The hotel is also located in the charming town of Hood River, known for its outdoor activities such as windsurfing, mountain biking, and hiking, making it the perfect destination for both you and your guests.

At MR.ELIVE PRODUCTIONS, we have had the pleasure of working with the Hood River Hotel to create unforgettable weddings for our clients. If you’re considering the Hood River Hotel for your special day, we highly recommend reaching out to their events team and scheduling a tour of the grounds. Our team is also always available to answer any questions and help make your dream wedding a reality.