DDJ-REV7: A Professional DJ’s Perspective on Pioneer DJ’s Flagship Controller


As a professional DJ and owner of MR.ELIVE PRODUCTIONS, I have had the pleasure of testing and using various equipment throughout my career. Recently, I had the opportunity to work with the DDJ-REV7 from Pioneer DJ and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. From its sleek and sophisticated design to its advanced features, this controller truly stands out in the market.

The motorized jogwheels on the DDJ-REV7 are a standout feature. The acrylic top plate has a vinyl-like texture that provides effortless finger grip, and the jog wheel itself feels incredibly smooth and responsive. The rotational stability is on par with a 12-inch turntable, giving you the impression that you’re actually playing with real records. The jog wheel also allows you to choose between low and high torque settings, as well as switch between a rotation speed of 33⅓ or 45rpm.

The On Jog Display is another feature that sets the DDJ-REV7 apart. This feature keeps all the important information at your fingertips, eliminating the need to constantly switch your gaze between the decks and your laptop, allowing you to focus on your performance. The display has an omnidirectional viewing angle, so you can see the information from any angle. Additionally, you can turn off the digital marker that indicates the playback position and mark the jog wheel with the included stickers if you prefer.

The DDJ-REV7 also offers a variety of built-in Beat FX, including 3 new additions: Duck Down, Fill Out and Helix Out. These effects can be triggered with the dedicated controls, allowing you to add drama to your track transitions. The effects levers can also be pulled down to apply effects in short bursts, or pushed up to lock effects on, freeing up your hands for scratching or track browsing.

I can confidently say that the DDJ-REV7 is a game-changer in the world of controller scratching. The motorized jogwheels offer an unparalleled vinyl-like feel, allowing for smooth and accurate scratching movements, while the adjustable torque settings and switchable 33⅓ and 45rpm rotation speeds provide a level of customization that is unmatched in its class. The On Jog Display feature is a particularly impressive addition, allowing for quick and easy access to important information during performances, making it effortless to seamlessly incorporate advanced scratching techniques like crabs, transforms, and flares into my sets. The MAGVEL FADER PRO crossfader is also incredibly responsive and durable, allowing for precise and smooth cuts every time. Overall, the DDJ-REV7 has become an essential part of my setup replacing my other controllers.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

In terms of design, the DDJ-REV7 is both portable and sophisticated. The controller is solid and robust, yet still lightweight enough to easily carry to your next gig. The aluminum top plate features contrasting matte and hairline finishing, which gives the controller a distinct look. The overall design of the DDJ-REV7 is sleek and professional, making it a great addition to any stage or event setup.

As a company, MR.ELIVE PRODUCTIONS is always looking for ways to improve our clients’ experience and raise the bar in the industry. The DDJ-REV7 is a perfect example of the high-quality equipment we use to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service. With its advanced features and professional design, the DDJ-REV7 is a valuable addition to our arsenal and allows us to provide our clients with an exceptional experience.