Custom Playlist for your events at MR.ELIVE PRODUCTIONS

Custom playlist builder at MR.ELIVE PRODUCTIONS

Getting your favorite songs for your event with our custom playlist builder!

At MR.ELIVE PRODUCTIONS we make sure you get to take full advantage of our custom playlist builder.

It used to be that you got whatever songs the DJ showed up with, for us that’s not the case.  Since 2011 we have offered a custom playlist builder for our clients to ensure we play those favorite tracks for your event. From weddings to public events , our clients use our custom playlist builder to create their ultimate dance party or add their must have songs.

How Does it Work?

On our custom playlist page  you can search for a song or specific artist . Once you have found the song you would like simply click the green + symbol to add it to the must play.  If you’re not sure where to start with your playlist you can click on the most requested button , located at the top of the playlist builder.  This is a great place to start if you’re looking for popular songs from now back to the fifties including wedding specific playlist .

Once you start find the right songs for you it’s very simple to add them to your playlist. Next to each song is a series of colored plus symbols + . Green is must play , yellow is play if possible , and red is do not play.  When sorting your songs during selection you can also add a note to your song so we know when it’s supposed to be played.

How many songs should I Choose?

Depending on how involved you want to be with music is all up to you. With our professional experience it is very easy for us to build a playlist around just a few of your requests or you can go all out and choose as much music as you like . Either way we work with you to make sure your  works with your event and keeps you and your guests entertained.

Do Not Plays!

Everyone has a song they do not want to hear, ever. Welcome to the do not playlist! The way it works is simple, you add ( Red + ) those songs you can not stand to hear and we simply will not play them, even when your close family tries to guilt us into it.  We take the do not playlist seriously and unless we specifically get the ok from you during your event we will not play it.

What are on our playlists?

We are constantly updating and curating our playlists as new songs are released and throwbacks rotate back into popularity. Even with our premade playlists, customization is in the core of our production.  At the very minimum we always like to get some feedback on your musical preference so we can get off in the right direction and cover all those last minute requests.

Check it out here!