Columbia Gorge Wedding DJ

Columbia Gorge Wedding DJ

Whether you getting married at a private residence or one of the many beautiful venues the Columbia Gorge has to offer we have your wedding DJ needs covered!

As you may know already if you have been looking for your perfect wedding location , that the range of venues in the Columbia Gorge is almost never ending.

With 9 years of weddings we have experience in the different needs from venue to venue and that’s why  our wedding packages are custom designed to meet the needs for each venue.

One size doesn’t fit all!

Our goal at MR.ELIVE PRODUCTIONS is to create a fluid and seamless production for you and your guests. One of the ways we do this is by effectively mapping our sound to the venue, allowing for easily heard speeches and a immersive dance floor experience. This is why we offer free venue walkthrough will all our wedding packages.  Depending on the layout of the venue ,which can greatly vary, our experience allows us to easily adjust what sound equipment is needed to accomplish this.

No Extra Cost

Venue sound mapping and adjusting our pro sound to match your event is included in the cost our wedding packages. This includes remote multi room set up for up to three seperate rooms .

Free Consultation

If your booking a venue without a  wedding  or venue coordinator we can help! We offer free consultation in regards to layout and timeline. With 9 years of wedding experience under our belts we like to offer our knowledge and hopefully make your planning easier!

Real DJ

Real Djing is what we built this company on and at no point do we find it acceptable to provide you with nothing less than exactly that. Once the dancing starts we mix from song to song and take requests as they come. Providing one off crossovers and light mashups from your playlist you can build on our custom playlist builder  .  Our custom playlist builder includes a must play to ensure you get your favorite songs played while your out on the dance floor . Equally important is the do not play to avoid those cringe worthy dance floor disasters.

Production that cares

Making sure your happy with the production and keeping a smooth and easy flow for you and your guests is our priority .  Having good communication with our clients is essential to providing a full production and making sure we don’t miss even the little details.  We make a point to communicate with your venue as well just to be sure there are no details we should be aware of before your big day!

If you want to know something specific about our wedding production or would like to book your event contact you can

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