Adapting to Fit Your Needs

No matter what size your event or wedding is going to be, we take care to look over the same details. Keeping a routine throughout our production that persistently promotes a higher quality event allows us to provide you with the best possible service we can, without cutting corners.  Being located in Hood River, in the middle of the Columbia Gorge, we have an array of venues from outdoor to indoor that all have their own unique looks and feel.  Indoor venues usually involve an easy set up with all the necessities close by, outdoor venues in our location pose different obstacles and we are prepared for them.  One of the biggest issues with providing wedding or event dj services at an outdoor venue is power.  Usually the more remote the venue the higher chances are there is going to be an issue with power.  When we come to your venue for a walk through, we will test the power to ensure that it can meet our needs, or if need be we will provide our own generator at no extra cost.  The second issue with outdoor venues can be the size and distribution of your wedding venue. Our production setup will allow you to take full advantage of the area of your venue with remote speakers, and even remote secondary stand alone sound system to ensure you get full use of your venue.  The one thing you can count on here in the Columbia Gorge is wind, and lots of it. That wind causes issues from all throughout the production from microphones to sound deterioration. We have specifically designed our production to overcome these issues , adapting to fit your needs while  providing a clean production even in non ideal conditions . Find out what we can do for you today!